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Minneapolis Photographer :: Spotlight on Music Producer Patrik Tanner

On a regular basis I get fantastic feedback on the songs that I have on my website and slide shows. The comments I get mean so much to me. Music is important. Dick Clark once said, “Music is the soundtrack of our lives.”. I often find myself living inside a song. I can be pushing the stroller in the mall with a tune in my head… the soundtrack to MY life. Because music is such a big part of my life, I love to pair music up with my images. Lucky for me, I married a music producer! Because I’m a proud wife, I’d like to introduce you to the man behind my music, my husband, Patrik Tanner. I’m a lucky girl to have custom songs written and produced for me and my websites.

There is a need for licensed music on websites, blogs, cafes & coffee shops. And just how cool is it to have a custom song written and recorded for your website? Very cool! Are you a fellow photog looking for the most perfect (and affordable) music to set to your images? Or a business person looking for background music on your website? Patrik is the musician/producer you need to call. He can write, produce & record a song to fit your needs and all at a reasonable fee. He has also released 9 full length albums. You can listen to them on iTunes or at

Patrik’s website is getting updated but you can visit him at Or become a fan on Facebook. I know he would love to connect with you about your specific project needs. Or to talk about 70s glam music. Whichever you prefer. 😉

Well, that’s me being a proud wife. I just had to give a “shout out” to my very talented husband. I’m honored to be his wife! I also have to share this picture of him as a young boy in Sweden at the age of 3. Music is our lives and we are proud to be involved in the music industry.