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Minneapolis Engagement Photographer :: Suzy + Paul = Engaged!!

You have to meet this totally adorable couple! So cute that I couldn’t pick just a few favorite pictures to post. Suzy is a college cheer coach and Paul lives all the way up in Duluth. They are totally meant for each other. I can see it in their eyes. We ventured out to my parents house on Mother’s Day to take advantage of their unbelievably perfect backdrop (and to celebrate with my mom!). I am in love with these photographs as much as I love Swedish pancakes. Their August wedding is going to be so fantastic! Please enjoy the love and happiness!

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Minneapolis Graphic Designer :: Chasing the Sun – The Honeydogs @ First Ave.

The Honeydogs; A Minneapolis music institution for over 15 years. Clever, euphonious and 10 records later, The Honeydogs 11th release, “Chasing the Sun: The Best of the Honeydogs” is out now and will have a bitter sweet celebration tomorrow, Saturday, May 8th at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Bittersweet because long time guitarist, Brian Halverson, will be exiting after the final curtain comes down.

This week I had the honor of helping with the graphic layout for “Chasing the Sun”. Andrew Ault was behind the sublime design and I simply helped with layout for the the booklet but I am so very excited to have played a very tiny roll in supporting a monumental band and a group of friends. I’m also really excited to attend what is sure to be a historical show at First Avenue on Saturday night.

Do yourself a favor and direct your cursor on over to The Honeydogs Bandcamp page and download the full album and get yourself a ticket to the show. I’ll be there, stop by and say hi to me!

Honeydogs Chasing the Sun
Design by Andrew Ault

Minneapolis Child Photographer :: Babies in the Texas Blue Bonnets

In April my husband visited his father in Sweden. “Junior” and I stayed behind but I decided to book the two of us on a 5 day trip to see one of my best friends in Houston, Texas. We had such a fantastic time during our little trip. Lisa has 2 babies. They were just having their birthdays. “L” was turning 3 and “J” had just turned 1. That means BIRTHDAY PICTURES!

Blue bonnets, the Texas state flower, were in bloom during our stay. We made it our goal to find a big patch of blue bonnets to make the perfect setting for Miss. L’s custom, handmade blue birthday dress. I think everyone in Texas had the same idea we did, on the same weekend. In fact there was a blue bonnet festival that we were trying to make our way to but the traffic was bumper to bumper on the freeway with everyone headed toward the same direction. Three adults, three kids under three, and an hour in the car already; a decision was made to depart the freeway to take some back roads in hopes to find a farm that had blue bonnets.

Finally we came upon a farm about 10 miles off the freeway. The owner was working outside and he had the most amazing patch of blue bonnets we had seen yet. We (well… Roman!) kindly asked the farmer if we could take pictures in his fields and we unpacked and changed the kids into their birthday outfits. Rain was threatening us, clouds were among us, nap time was overdue, and the fire ants were biting! (Poor Miss. L and Lisa!) We didn’t have much time before all of the above came crashing down on our photo session. And eventually it all did.

But look at these images! The kids are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! The flowers were beyond perfect! Look at the twirl action on that super-duper cute dress! I couldn’t wait to get back to Lisa’s house to process these amazing photographs. The last two pictures are at a Houston area petting zoo. My son was looking though a fence and I caught the moment just in time. The last picture is Lisa and her son. There is so much love and beauty in that picture.

Thank you to Lisa and Roman for having us and keeping us busy while Papa Patrik was out of town. We had such an amazing time and you must move back home! Pretty please?!?!

LisaMay 7, 2010 - 6:20 am

Michelle, we were so blessed to have had you guys come stay with us, and to have these beautiful pictures to commemorate the occasion. You are the best friend a girl could have! Can’t wait to see you next month and hoping you make it to Texas to visit again soon. Love you!