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Minneapolis Wedding Photographer :: Matt + Dianna = Married!

Hello, hello! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I do have a story to tell, an excuse if you will. Life has finally returned to normal after living in a hotel room for over 50 days and my husband finally being able to fly home after being stuck in Amsterdam because of the darn volcano in Iceland. He was gone for 17 days! As we settle back into our normal but chaotic lives, I am finding a bit of time to post some blog posts. I’ve even found time to go to the gym and I’m finally losing that baby weight. I know, please don’t point it out. The kid is 21 months now but still! And I’m planning our 10 year vow renewal in June! I’m so excited! We are blessed.

I have oodles of sessions that haven’t been posted and I’m totally bummed I haven’t been able to share them sooner. And I know that you are out there, I know that you are reading! I love seeing my blog stats and seeing the hundreds of monthly visitors I get to my blog, website and Facebook account! It’s so exciting to see the numbers of legit readers… you know after I deduct the spiders and spammers. So on with it, Michelle! Show us the goods!

I’m so excited about this marriage ceremony! Dianna is an unbelievably beautiful bride! I’m so jealous of her perfect long, dark hair and fabulous features. Matt is a super sweet guy and I know these two are meant for each other. The ceremony took place at a beautiful church, Our Lady of Lourdes,  along the Mississippi River and St. Anthony Main. A beautiful little, old church in the middle of Northeast Minneapolis. I was in love when I set sight on it for the first time. I had a fantastic time at their wedding! See the photographs and see for yourself!

Minneapolis Family Photographer :: Win a Free Session

Look at that, why don’t you… the lake is open. Free of ice. Goodbye shoe gazers… hello friendly smiles! As I write this, I can feel the warm breeze through the window and I’m daydreaming of a family dinner at Galaxy Drive-In tonight. Spring has arrived and I couldn’t be happier!

I thought I’d share my happy mood so I thought I would have a spur of the moment contest! I would like to give away one session ($200 value!) to one lucky family! And it’s super easy!

Here is what you have to do….

You must be a “fan” on my Facebook fan page. Once you are a fan, you must leave a comment on the wall. You will only be entered to win if you leave a comment. It can be about the weather, what your Easter plans are, a joke or a simple hello. Once you leave a comment, you will be entered and I will randomly select a winner by pulling the name out of a hat. Easy as pie! Um… pie. Did someone say pie?

You can only enter once but you can have your husband/wife/child/grandmother/cousin/best friend/dog… or whomever you know with a Facebook page enter. Then you can fight amongst yourselves who will take the session. 😉

The details, the stuff I have to tell you… yada, yada, yada….

You have until 5pm on Tuesday, April 6th to leave a comment on my Facebook friend page. Tell your friends. Tell your family! Spread the word!

You will receive one session with me, Michelle Tanner. You can have a family picture done (up do 5 people), engagement pictures, senior pictures, pictures of your kidletts, your dog, your cat. I’m game. The session will be on location within 20 miles of Minneapolis. We can discuss the perfect location! And the session must be redeemed by June 1st, 2010.

Oh, ok. You want more? Ok. Twist my arm. The winner will get a FREE 8×10 gallery wrap! This is totally awesome! Huge value ($100) and super fun to hang on your wall. You will also receive copies of low res images (15-20 images) on a disk to use on blogs, Facebook, Myspace or where ever it is cool to post your pics nowadays.

If you would like to buy professionally printed, archival quality pictures of any of the images from the session, you are welcome to do so. My rates are very reasonable (4×6=$5, 5×7=$7, 8×10=$15, 11×14=$20)!

Ok, what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this post? Go over to and drop a comment! Then share this with all your friends! I’m totally excited! I hope you are too!


darcieApril 1, 2010 - 2:04 pm

oh! I’m running right over to comment! I love love love your work and have been waiting for the right time to book a session…winning one would be fantastic!

Mnchester portrait photographer - richard priceApril 23, 2010 - 7:55 am

I love the colors in these shots. What post production did you do?

Mnchester portrait photographer - richard priceMay 4, 2010 - 11:00 am

In my previous comment I made an error with my link can you please change it to.

Thanks Richard

Minneapolis Photographer :: Starbucks Gift Card Winner!

Drum roll please…

Congrats to Jessi Meyer! (Please excuse the quality of the above picture. It was taken and processed with my iPhone) And can I just say… WOW! When I asked people to post comments on my blog, I had no idea I would be getting comments that would kick my ego in high gear! Thanks everyone! I would like to continue this giveaway. Comment on any blog post I make during the week and every Friday morning I will use the random name picker website to pick a new winner. Now, I do love hearing good things about my work but feel free to leave any kind of (nice) comment. I just want to know you are stopping by. And feel free to leave suggestions on where you would like a gift card from. I’m all ears!

On a personal note, I’m living out of my car. Sounds fun doesn’t it? When I image someone living out of their car I think of a free spirit, a songwriter with a guitar, long hair, bare feet and a location somewhere the sun shines. Certainly not Minnesota. But add rain inside your house, an active 19 month old toddler, a musician and a photographer (artists to the full extent of the definition), living out of your car isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. Thankfully our insurance company hooked us up with one of those extended stay hotels but, man, do I miss being at home, sleeping in my own bed,  and not living out of brown grocery store bags and having all my things in one place.

Tomorrow we are off to Madison, WI. (Ah, the life of a rock and roll star. Ha-ha!) My husband is playing a wedding reception for a dear friend. Junior gets to hang out with Grandpa and Grandma while Mom and Dad take a mini tour of I94, then we will stay in yet another hotel and come home…to another hotel. But I think I’ll document our little tour and report back early next week with a cornucopia of tour shots. So stay tuned and start your comments now for the next drawing!

Peace and love,


Cynthia RobbMarch 12, 2010 - 1:20 pm

perhaps writing is a talent you should persue as well Ms. Michelle – very entertaining!