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Minneapolis Family Photographer :: Studio Fun with the G’s!

I’m still working on that resolution list, really I am! This week there was a little set back at our house so I haven’t had as much time to devote to my blog. My little man, Elliott, took a trip to the ER at the Children’s Hospital. He is fine and almost back to normal but he sure did give his mom and dad a little scare! In effort to be a little more personal on my blog, I’m going to share a couple pictures of our ER visit that I took with my iPhone. Poor guy. I think it is good to document the good times and the bad times.

But today I’m going also going to do a quick post about this beautiful family! I’m so lucky to have such wonderful, fun and up-for-anything clients! I had a great time with the G’s. There is acting in their bones and they had so much fun hamming it up for the camera in the studio.

Valerie DelafosseJanuary 22, 2010 - 11:47 am

I was referred to you by a family member. Do you do any work in Houston? Your facebook says St. Paul area.

Valerie Delafosse

Minneapolis Music Photographer :: Goodbye Sun @ The Varsity Theater

Happy New Year! Albeit a little cold. I hope you all are surviving and staying warm. I have an extensive list of New Year’s resolutions. All the norms can be found on the list; loose weight, eat better, save money, yada yada yada but on my list is to be better about blogging… oh… and get caught up and post some “sneak peaks” from the last two months. Hardly sneak peaks anymore, are they? Don’t answer that. 😉

Today I am working on that ol’ resolution list. I went to the gym, we made dinner at home instead of going out and now I am blogging a super cool band, Goodbye Sun. They played The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis in November. (I know, I know!) Awesome band, awesome music and an awesome bunch of guys.

Minnesota Photographer :: Kind Words

You may have noticed I have been pretty quiet as of late. December was a super busy month and in the last couple weeks I have been spending some quality time with my family. I’m very excited to get going in the new year! I’m super excited to book the wedding season out with wedding photography and take thousands more pictures of wonderful and fun families. In January I will be posting images from the last month or better but until then, I’m very humbled and would like to share some recent client reviews.

“Michelle has an extraordinary talent for photography. Because of her background in music and art, she brings that artist’s eye and sensibility to each of her shoots and has an innate ability to capture detail and emotion. The photos she took of us simply transcend what is observable in real life. She is an unusual find and she was also very affordable given the level of her abilities. Not to mention she is a Mom and has the patience of a saint! I highly recommend her to anyone.” -J. Criner, Minneapolis

“We’ve been lucky enough to have two family photo shoots with Michelle and both times she has surpassed our expectations. Her shots are amazing, and the editing work she does afterward really brings out the best in each photo. She’s comfortable to work with, and really listened to our suggestions about what we wanted for each shoot. I could never go back to using any other photographer for my family’s photos, because no one matches Michelle in quality.” -B. Carlson, St. Paul

“I have worked with Michelle a few times now. She has done my nursing Mother/child photos, my son’s 1 year photos, family photos, and my daughter’s senior pictures. We have been absolutely thrilled each and every time. Michelle is so easy to work with and our pictures have surpassed our expectations. We get so many compliments on them and will return again and again.” -N.Branjord, Minneapolis