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Stillwater Engagement Photographer :: Shooting in the Stillwater Caves

The snow is melting and birds are singing. Spring is in the air. Yet I still find myself daydreaming of Mexico with my little family. I’m abruptly transported back to reality when I step out of my car into a huge puddle of water. Can you even call it a puddle when it is so full that is soaks through to the top of a pair of Friar knee high boot? On the plus side, this white stuff is melting but I still tell myself that there is no way I can spend another winter in Minnesota. Something I have been telling myself for 12 years and I am still here.

Thank goodness I have amazing opportunities to photograph super cool people in super cool Minnesota locations. That does put a smile on my face even though I have wet feet. Check this session out. We shot in the caves in Stillwater. When I heard we were doing a shoot there I started to panic. I’m über (just for you Jes!) claustrophobic and was freaking myself out a bit during the shoot. But look at these beautiful people! I quickly did the math and realized I had enough time to take some super cool pictures and had enough oxygen until we went back outside.

Jessi MeyerMarch 9, 2010 - 11:14 pm

simply gorgeous!